Dear User,

It is with a fond sadness that we, the Athenir founding team, have chosen to permanently shutter Athenir and the Athenir Blog. Rest assured, this decision was not taken lightly. There comes a time when the required resources and energies to run a site like Athenir have long since dispersed, and will never return in their original form. Unfortunately, that time is now.

We continue to believe in the power of visual search, and our desire to see the the future of academia, mediated by the internet, remains unperturbed. Perhaps someone will carry on this vision, in a form we could not.

In closing, we'd like to say a few thank-yous.

Thanks to Andrei, our summer intern, for taking a risk on an unproven company, and for scrambling together our accounts feature in a short summer.

Thanks to Katherine, whose expertise and tireless design work were instrumental in developing an early aesthetic for Athenir.

Thanks, of course, to Zakta LLC, without whom the Athenir concept and algorithm would not exist. We wish Sundar, Clif, and Mark all the best in their future endeavors.

And thanks, above all, to you, the user, for making the insane choice to trust your school projects and honors theses to a few college freshmen hacking together a search engine in 2015. We always built for you.

Sanjay Kannan
Nick Hershey
Bryan Waterhouse
(Team Athenir)